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Anonymous St. Joe’s Alumnus Donates iPads

As some Lasallian schools start a switch to iPad-based learning, St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, NY, received a generous gift to pick up the pace on implementation.

An anonymous St. Joe’s alumnus donated $150,000 to supply students with free iPads, which they will receive in the fall. One year ago, the school announced plans to give incoming freshman iPads, which would have taken four years to implement school wide. This donation eliminates the need to phase in the iPads.

Over the summer, the school will upgrade its wireless access and train teachers on iPad learning. The devices are just another way the school is implementing new technology, like new computer labs and SmartBoards, in order to live the Lasallian mission.

“Innovation is at the core of our mission as a Lasallian school,” said St. Joe’s President Robert T. Scott, AFSC. “Our schools were founded in the principle of keeping education accessible to all, and incorporating technology helps us reach more students and prepare them for success in an increasingly tech-focused, global economy. This generous gift shows that alumni appreciate this mission and want to help us take it into the future.”