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Brother Martin Spellman, RIP

Brother Martin Spellman, FSC, of the Midwest District, died June 12, 2021, in Chicago, Illinois. Brother Martin was a De La Salle Christian Brother for 71 years.    

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1954-1958: De La Salle, Chicago, IL
1958-1959: Central Catholic High School, Vincennes, IN
1959-1962: Colegio San Jose, Bluefield, Nicaragua
1963: Colegio De La Salle, Santiago, Chile
1964-1967: Liceo La Salle Chiquimula, Guatemala
1968-1980: Colegio De La Salle, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
1973-1980: Casa Indigena, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
1980-1981: CIL, Rome, Italy
19811982Maryknoll Mission Renewal 
1982-1983: Casa Indigena, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 
1983-1984: Residencia Universitaria, Guatemala City, Guatemala 
1984-1985: Institute La Salle, San Pedro Sula, Honduras 
1986-1988: Escuela Fey Alegria, Guatemala City, Guatemala 
1989: Tri-District Residency, Chicago, IL 
1989-1990: De La Salle Postulancy, Rongai, Kenya 
1991-1993: East African Delegation, Nairobi, Kenya 
1994: Postulancy, Rongai, Kenya 
1994-1995: Novitiate, Nairobi, Kenya 
1995-1997: St. Paul Secondary School, Marsabit, Kenya 
1997-2001: SIEL-CIL Staff, Rome, Italy 
2001-2007: Provincialate Community, Chicago, IL 
2007-2008Instituti FilippinPadernodel, GrappaItaly 
2008-2021Resurrection Community, Chicago, IL