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De La Salle Today: Fall 2012

Dear Lasallian Reader,

Our inner city schools serve the disadvantaged segment of the population in our cities. These are children who belong to low-income families who would not otherwise have a chance at a good education, just like the children for whom our founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, established the first Christian Schools in France. These Lasallian schools are not tuition-driven and, therefore, rely on funding from others sources. Financial viability in a poor neighborhood offers many challenges in determining the ability of a school to continue to operate in the long term.

In this issue, we focus on two significant ways in which Lasallian inner city schools have been able to successfully achieve stability: partnership and fundraising. Successful partnerships allow Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, NY, to provide tuition assistance to more students and a boarding program for boys. By partnering with the neighborhood, San Miguel School in Tulsa is now part of the community’s long-term strategic plan and included in its federal grant application. San Miguel has also partnered with an IT company that provides its computer installation and servicing needs.

Development is an essential component in the funding of inner city schools. De Marillac Academy in San Francisco and The San Miguel School in Providence, RI share their fundraising strategies that have generated donations beyond their expectations.

Also featured is De La Salle Academy, a fine example of a Lasallian school as envisioned by De La Salle and the only one of its kind in New York City. In addition, this issue includes an article that looks at how Lasallian schools have performed versus the national Catholic education average in the past decade. Our SY2011-2012 Regional Statistics show that Lasallian schools have done much better than the national average.

Finally, an article contributed by Dr. Mary Catherine Fox of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota responds to the frequently asked question, “What is Lasallian?” She has identified six characteristics of a Lasallian. The article is published in both English and French.

Live Jesus in our hearts!

Celine A. Quinio
Editor & Designer