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De La Salle Today: The Evolving Role of Lasallian Research

research-de-la-salle-spring2015-cover-webWe invite you to read this new issue of De La Salle Today, which focuses on research. We start by examining how Lasallian research began and how it has blossomed into what it has become today – an effort that not only studies Lasallian history, but also shines a light on the future with discoveries in health, science and more.

This issue also shares history and current realities on research resources, including AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher EducationDigital Journal of Lasallian Research, and Archives throughout the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN). This issue promotes a call from the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) for Lasallian colleges and universities to collaborate and conduct research. Additionally, we highlight emerging research happening in higher education in RELAN.

We also look at a few research projects that reveal how the Lasallian mission transforms lives. One studies the impact youth and family service agencies have on youth and their families, while another explores how serving as a Lasallian Volunteer shapes the lives of those young people who dedicate their time to the mission.

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