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Diocese of Sacramento Honors Brothers

The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Sacramento honored the Christian Brothers with a new award that recognizes the achievements of Catholic schools and all those who make them what they are today.

honorBrothers Donald Johanson, San Francisco District Visitor, accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award at the inaugural event September 8. In announcing the award, Bishop Jaime Soto said, “the words and deeds of the Christian Brothers will continue to echo throughout the Sacramento Valley and down through the generations.”

Brothers Stanislaus Campbell, John Hoover, John Montgomery, James Joost, and Ronald Roggenback were also in attendance. Monsignor Edward J. Kavanagh was honored as well.

Video tribute to the Brothers

(L-R) Brothers Donald Johanson, Ronald Roggenback, John Hoover,
Stanislaus Campbell, and James Joost

Photos by Riverview Media Photography, Tia Gemmell