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Four Brothers Enter Regional Novitiate

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(L-R) Brothers Kevin Slate, David Deradoorian, Roberto Martinez, Patrick Martin, Anthony Elfering, and Philip Johnson

Four Brothers from the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) have begun their novitiate year. Brothers David Deradoorian (DENA), Anthony Elfering (Midwest), Patrick Martin (San Francisco), and Roberto Martinez (San Francisco) were welcomed into the novitiate during a gathering with the local Brothers’ communities August 11, 2013 in Napa, CA.

The novitiate program is under the leadership of Director Brother Kevin Slate and Sub-Director Brother Philip Johnson. It is a year of intense study and prayer. The program is made up of four core courses:

• Liturgy, taught by Brother Stanislaus Campbell
• Community Life and the Rule, taught by Brother Kevin Slate
• Scripture, taught by Brother Philip Johnson
• The Life of the Founder, taught by Brother James Joost and Mr. Greg Kopra

web_group martin,patrick martinez,roberto elfering,anthony deradoorian,david 2 BEST 1308

(L-R) Brothers Patrick Martin, Roberto Martinez, Anthony Elfering, and David Deradoorian

New to this year’s program is independent study which gives the novices the opportunity to pursue an area of interest for which they might not otherwise have had time.

In the area of apostolic work, the novices will serve at Justin-Siena High School in Napa to engage with Lasallian students and serve as witnesses to the Brothers’ vocation. The opportunity to be vocational ambassadors will occur again at the March 2014 Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, CA, an international gathering of speakers, teachers, and students from throughout the world. The novices will be at the De La Salle Christian Brothers booth explaining the work of the Brothers.

Editor’s note: Since the publishing of this article, Martin, Martinez, Elfering and Deradoorian have left formation with the Brothers.