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Four Brothers Profess First Vows

Reading Vows
Brothers reading vows

Four Brothers professed their first vows Thursday, August 4 at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA during the District of Eastern North America Retreat. Brothers Anthony Baginski, Ken Kalinowski, Anwar Martinez, and Michael Miller each read their one-year vows and signed vow statements. They also received a medal in honor of the occasion. As tradition, each Brother in attendance embraced the four Brothers. Approximately 240 Brothers attended the ceremony, along with the families of Bro. Michael and Bro. Anthony.

The four Brothers are now preparing to enter new ministries. Bro. Michael will serve at The San Miguel School in Providence, RI; Bro. Anthony at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, PA; and Brothers Anwar and Ken at La Salle Academy in New York City.

The Brothers began the Novitiate together in August 2010 in Napa, CA, along with Brother Lewis Harwood from Australia. During their year of study and prayer, they participated in classes, workshops, and retreats. They also worked with students and teachers once a week at Justin-Siena High School in Napa.