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Francophone Canada Lasallians Start Group

fc-logo-webYoung Lasallians in the Francophone Canada District have launched a new group that organizes activities for children in need in cooperation with well-known local organizations. The new group is called the FABLE, which is an acronym for Fibre d’animation bénévole lasallienne educative, roughly translating to Movement of Benevolent Lasallian Education.

The FABLE, which is comprised of Lasallians and non-Lasallians, has the core values of personal dedication and involvement. Each meeting is an opportunity to build Lasallian community and plan future activities. Organizers believe the FABLE is an opportunity to bring together young Lasallians in the Montréal region and invigorate the Lasallian mission in French-speaking Canada.

Since the FABLE formed about a year ago, it has held a clinic for the poor with a well-known physician, an activity with Centre Saint-Michel, and a fundraising dinner. The group is planning other projects and hopes to eventually work with young people on a long-term basis.