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Implementation Phase of the Lasallian Education Brand Now Underway


The launch of the Lasallian Education Brand brings together all Lasallian educational institutions in the USA-Toronto Region under a common platform, unifying statement and visual identity that highlights the Lasallian heritage and charism they all share. The implementation of the new brand will align it with the school’s internal culture and external reality.

Brand training sessions will be held in various school sites around the country to help stakeholders understand, embrace and execute the adopted brand strategy and ensure that it is implemented in an accurate, authentic, concise and consistent manner. The implementation plan will help schools and other ministries meet strategic priorities related to enrollments, retention, funding, capital campaigns, teaching and learning and other initiatives. The adopted brand guide will be used as a primary resource for implementation and customized for use at Region, District and Local levels.

The branding graphics are available for download on the Regional website.