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International Council of Young Lasallians Plans for Future

The International Council of Young Lasallians (ICYL) held its annual meeting at the Generalate in Rome, September 12-18, 2012. The ICYL celebrates the presence of Young Lasallians by organizing and encouraging activities worldwide and in specific Regions, along with making sure the voices of Young Lasallians are heard on an international level.

The meeting focused on the International Symposium of Young Lasallians scheduled in February 2014, which will inform the upcoming General Chapter on short-term and long-term objectives and lines of action for the global Young Lasallian Movement.

Other discussion topics included:
• reviewing what each Region offers for Young Lasallians
• International Lasallian Days for Peace 2012 and 2013
• formation efforts for Young Lasallians
• how Lasallian Volunteer programs operate worldwide
• the role of Young Lasallians the International Assembly for Mission in
May 2013, and the International Assembly of Young Brothers in
August 2013
• Lasallian research focusing on current youth-centered themes
• activities related to World Youth Day

Representing RELAN on the council are Jolleen Wagner, Lasallian Volunteers Director, and Catherine Déry, Directress of Activities at Camp La Salle in Quebec and a member of the Lasallian Educational Services Council in the District of Francophone Canada.

The September meeting was Wagner’s first, which was an eye-opening experience. “Learning about Young Lasallians in these other contexts was life-giving and exciting, and it was a gut-check moment,” she said. “We have some amazing initiatives and programs here. Still the question remains if we are using our resources to their fullest potential. Every Region has room to learn and grow from one another regarding the ways we further the mission of the Institute.”

“Gathering each year with the YL representatives is always a breath of fresh air, an empowering moment which galvanizes me with ideas, fraternity moments and possible actions,” said Déry.

In addition to Wagner and Déry, the ICYL includes a representative from each of the other four Regions of the Institute, coordinator Joseph Gilson from Malta, and the Institute’s Secretary for Lasallian Family, Brother Charles Kitson from the District of Eastern North America.

Other projects of the ICYL include the production of the LUMEN newsletter and organizing the Many Stars…One La Salle project, with groups of Lasallians throughout the world gathered in the shape of a star for a photo shoot.

Jolleen Wagner (back row, left) and Catherine Déry (front row, left) 
at the ICYL meeting in Rome