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Lasallian Education Brand Unveiled


The second phase of the Lasallian Education Brand Initiative has been completed. The leadership of the Christian Brothers Conference announced that “After testing numerous brand platforms and visual identities for the USAT Region with over 3,500 individuals and 45 schools and institutions across the country, a consensus was made and approved by the Visitors.”

The components of the new brand strategy include:
• The Brand: Lasallian Education
• Unifying Statement: Lasallian Education: Transforming Lives Since 1680
• Logo: Crossed L. This distinctive mark speaks directly to an education rooted in Catholic faith and values. (The Lasallian Education logo is a supporting identity. It is not intended to replace existing school or ministry identity systems.)
• Our Promise: The Lasallian educational mission provides transformative experiences that are innovative and holistic.

A detailed guide has been prepared for implementation of the brand platform and will be available to all ministries/schools throughout the Region. It includes the visual identity, a narrative, promise, reasons to believe and proof points of a Lasallian Education experience.

In the cover letter to the Brand Guide, Brother Robert Schieler, General Councilor, and Brother Dennis Malloy, RCCB President, summed up the benefits of the project:

“More than marketing and recruiting the brand initiative has also been an education and formation experience. Never in the Region’s past have so many constituents been involved in a two-year national conversation about the fundamentals of our Lasallian identity… An additional benefit of this project is the Lasallian network of elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, San Miguel schools and child-care agencies has been strengthened. Many participants have grown in their knowledge and appreciation for our vast network not only in the United States and Canada but around the globe. This in turn has led to increased collaboration and cooperation among the diverse ministries.”

A plan to ensure successful adoption of the Lasallian Education brand strategy is in the works.