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Lasallian Prayers for the Middle East

The Signum Fidei Fraternity of lay Lasallians highlights the volatile situation in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East in its latest newsletter, and reminds us to keep that region in our prayers.

In Egypt, there are Signum Fidei communities in Alexandria and Tahta, and recently in Cairo. From Alexandria, Mr. Magi Foll reports that three Signum Fidei members were inside the Church that was attacked by terrorist last Christmas and one student from La Salle-San Marcos School’s 5th grade class had been injured. Brother Didier, advisor of the community in Alexandria, wrote: “It turned out to be difficult to read this event with the eyes of faith, but in the midst of all this we tried to proclaim faith, fidelity and service through our love for others.”

The Signum Fidei Fraternity constitutes a way of spirituality adapted to lay Lasallians who draw inspiration from the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle. In the mid-60s there was a growing desire among lay Lasallians to become closer to the Brothers, not only their ministry, but their spirit as well. This led to the birth of a new expression of the Lasallian charism in 1976, when a group of 11 lay Lasallians from several countries in Europe made their first consecration in the presence of the Brothers gathered at the 40th General Chapter. Today, Signum Fidei has a following of about 1,000 members in at least 30 countries around the world.