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Lasallian Volunteers Prepare for Service

LVs on Lewis University plane

A new group of Lasallian Volunteers (LV) is ready for the service year after participating in LV Orientation from July 21 – August 1 at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. The group of 52 volunteers includes 18 who are returning for a second year and one volunteer returning for a third.

Workshops and presentations focused on specific jobs, how to live in community, Lasallian spirituality, diversity, and professionalism. “I now have a better concept of what is expected of me for the coming year–which is essential for doing any job well,” said Constance Jones, a first year LV who will serve as a caseworker at Tides Family Services in Pawtucket, RI. “More importantly though, understanding the support network which surrounds each one of the volunteers makes me feel more prepared for the year.”

LVsOrientation also included team building and trust building exercises to help LVs get to know each other. “I knew that this was something I couldn’t have done alone and I am thankful for all those who are there to walk alongside with me through it,” said Elsa Tesfai, who will serve as Corporate Internship Coordinator for a second year at De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland, OR.

First year LVs are now anticipating the start of this new journey, like Christopher Hueg, a graduate of DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, MN, who will serve as campus minister at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, NY. “I am expecting a new understanding of who I am,” said Hueg. “I believe I was placed at Loughlin for a reason, and I cannot wait to start working with the students and seeing their full potential.”

“I was really impressed with this group of Lasallian Volunteers,” said Kimberly Williams, LV Associate Director. “Throughout orientation they were engaged, helpful, and open. I am really looking forward to journeying with them throughout their volunteer year.”

Other highlights of this year’s orientation include attending the Transition Ceremony for Midwest District Leadership, a visit with the San Miguel Back of the Yards community, and the arrival of LVs Ride. During orientation, Lasallian Volunteers hosted the Second Annual FSC Awards where Shirley Heck, Jeb Myers, and Brother Edwin Dupre were recognized for their dedication to faith, community, and service.

New ministries where LVs will serve this year include DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, MN; St. Rita’s School in New Orleans, LA; Cathedral High School in El Paso, TX; De La Salle Middle School at St. Matthew’s in St. Louis, MO; St. Cecilia School in St. Louis, MO; and De La Salle in Towne in Philadelphia, PA.