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Lasallians in California Assess Earthquake Damage

Holy Family Community, by Brother George Van Grieken, FSC

Holy Family Community, from Brother George Van Grieken, FSC

– Updated August 26 –

Lasallians in Napa, California, assessed damage and cleaned up following a 6.0-magnitude earthquake that shook Northern California early Sunday, August 24. The epicenter was in American Canyon, a few miles south of Napa. Media reports called this earthquake the strongest to hit the area in 25 years.

The District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) was in contact with schools and communities in Napa. While the District received no reports of injuries, Lasallians  reported damage and power outages. Lasallian schools, offices and communities in the area include Justin-Siena High School, De La Salle Institute (SFNO’s main office), Christian Brothers’ Retreat & Conference Center, the Provincialate Community and Holy Family Community. While the De La Salle Institute offices sustained some damage, they opened Monday, August 25. No other Bay-area Lasallian schools or communities reported damage.

Holy Family Community, by Brother George Van Grieken, FSC

Holy Family Community, from Brother George Van Grieken, FSC

“All are ok at the Holy Family Community. No Brothers or staff injured,” Brother James Riordan, FSC, who lives in Holy Family Community at Mont La Salle, wrote to the District early Sunday morning. “Lots of interior damage – bookcases and shelves falling over, glass and light fixtures broken, damage in the main kitchen, and the HFC dining room is trashed. No major structural damage can be seen.”

The pictures on this page are from Brother George Van Grieken, FSC, of damage at Holy Family Community.

Justin-Siena High School in Napa announced on social media and through other communication channels Sunday that school would be closed Monday. It reported that all student and faculty residents on Maher Street were unhurt and that the campus sustained varying degrees of damage. Campus re-opened Tuesday following a day of clean up Monday that included the efforts of many parents, alumni, students, and faculty and staff.

Damage photos >
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Meanwhile, Lasallians across the Lasallian of Region of North America posted their prayers on social media to fellow Lasallians in Napa. Please keep Lasallians and all of those impacted by the earthquake in your prayers. Visit the SFNO website for more information >

Social media - Sunday

Social media – Sunday


Social Media - Sunday

Social Media – Sunday

Social Media - Sunday