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LASSCA Continues to Engage Participants on Day Three (Tuesday)

The LASSCA Conference continued on its third day Tuesday, February 25 with a captivating speaker, more breakout sessions, multiple forums, District meetings, and a Hollywood-inspired group dinner.

Ray McNultyAfter breakfast and prayer, Ray McNulty, Senior Vice President of the International Center for Leadership in Education in Rexford, NY, delivered the final general session address. Entitled The New Normal in Education, McNulty touched on the topic of how student and teacher roles have evolved in the 21st Century, and he described what the new normal is for these educational positions. One key point he touched on was how the once passive role of the student has changed to the learner, a more active, independent, and self-learning role. McNulty explained saying, “We must make progress on two important, yet divergent disciplines: operating excellence and innovation.”

ParticipantsAnother round of breakout sessions took place with themes that focused on topics such as: The Lasallian Teaching Self-Evaluation and Formal Observation Tools project, legal issues related to social media, and actions to take to refine a school’s STEM program. The morning finished with the presidents’, principals’, and board members’ forums, which were followed by District meetings, including a joint meeting for the Districts of San Francisco and New Orleans – Santa Fe.

Hard Rock CafeThe evening concluded with a special group dinner at the Hard Rock Café. LASSCA participants enjoyed arriving in style and walking on the red carpet, all while building a stronger Lasallian association with one another.

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