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Making Collaboration Common

A yearlong effort to strengthen collaboration within the Lasallian family has increased interactions globally and constructed supportive partnerships in advancing future initiatives. 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Solidarity and Development Secretariat launched a highly successful emergency relief campaign that united Lasallians in providing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable. Realizing the strength such collaborative fundraising provided, the Secretariat partnered with Caplor Horizons, a non-profit consulting group, to embed operationally the collaboration experienced through the COVID-19 campaign. The April 2021 report, Making Collaboration Common, chronicles the progress of that effort.  

The report details the vision, purpose, mission and five practical actions of the program that first began in May 2020. The program’s vision is to see a world transformed for the better through Lasallian education; its purpose is to collaborate to transform lives through Lasallian education; and its mission is to be an effective, efficient, and integrated Lasallian network. Five practical actions surfaced from the group’s deliberations: growing the educational mission, telling our story, understanding the network, formalizing our collaboration, and developing our leaders. 

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The program productively coalesced 42 Lasallians worldwide in virtual discussions twice a month to develop strategies for future collaboration, discuss emerging topics, and share best practices. The group included Lasallians from five continents and 18 time zones. While the initial intention of the project was to develop capacity and foster a more collaborative culture within the Lasallian solidarity and development network, it quickly expanded to include a broader representation of Lasallians and a more comprehensive agenda.  

The second year of programming will build on the first year’s practical actions, but the format will be even more inclusive. The second year’s activities will consist of a monthly webinar that delves deeply into topical areas of interest to Lasallians globally. A full schedule will be released in September and is likely to include emerging topics such as Education for Development (Global Development Goals), Humanitarian Campaigns, Volunteerism and International Advocacy. The purpose of these webinars is to encourage Lasallians to learn about initiatives outside their local areas, promoting opportunities for joint initiatives. Building on the momentum of the past year, these second-year activities will continue to develop a culture of collaboration within the Lasallian network. Webinar attendance is open to all Lasallians.