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Ministries Join Standing for Children Advocacy

Lasallian ministries in the USA-Toronto Region join the Regional Leadership in their advocacy for the promotion and protection of the rights of children. The “Standing for Children Statement” signing was held on November 19, 2011 before a national gathering of more than 250 Lasallian educators in Washington, D.C. This public expression of support and solidarity for the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted in 1989 and ratified by all countries, except the U.S. and Somalia, calls upon political and religious leaders, as well as civil society organizations, to move towards achieving real progress in the protection of children’s rights.

Posters of the “Standing for Children Statement” have been distributed to all Lasallian ministries for display in prominent locations. Contact the Provincialate office of your District for additional copies.

Letter from the General Councilor
Download the statement.