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New DeThomasis Book Looks at Tradition in the Church

bookFlying in the Face of Tradition by Brother Louis DeThomasis, points to a way of unraveling the quandary the Church finds itself in by returning to its historic belief in tradition–”the lived experience of the faithful”–as a source of ongoing revelation and renewal. The author draws upon the core values and beliefs within Catholicism, and upon the legacy of Vatican II–as well as his own 70 years of “lived experience” of the Catholic faith–to offer carefully drawn conclusions about how the Church must change.

According to Bro. Louis, “Tradition is a way for the people of God to read the signs of the times and invent the future. It is a liberating force, not an inhibiting one.”

Flying in the Face of Tradition is published by ACTA Publications and will be released on June 1, 2012. The book is available in hardcover ($17.95) or softcover ($12.95). Advance orders are accepted at or by phone at 800-397-2282.