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New Partnership Supports Lasallian Women of Hope

A new fundraising partnership will help support projects of Lasallian Women of Hope (LWH) around the world. FairTrade Caravans has chosen LWH as one of three projects to receive 25% of proceeds from FairTrade Caravans product sales. Fair-trade products such as jewelry, coffee, chocolate and more are available online. 

“FairTrade Caravans is a fundraising social enterprise deeply committed to fair trade, offering products made or grown with no child labor, fair wages, safe working conditions and sustainable practices,” explained Carol Fassino, founder of FairTrade Caravans. “Lasallian Women of Hope is partnering with FairTrade Caravans to support our programs along with artisans and farmers around the world.”  

“Lasallian Women of Hope is proud to partner with FairTrade Caravans. The majority of fairtrade items are made by women cooperatives, and so it is an exciting way for us to be mutually supportive,” said Maryann Donohue-Lynch, LWH co-founder and associate executive director for the District of Eastern North America’s Office for Mission and Ministry.  

As October is Fair Trade Month, Lasallians are encouraged to support this new partnership by purchasing items through the LWH page on the FairTrade website. Select LWH at checkout for the program to receive the 25% donation. 

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This partnership is not the first time that LWH and FairTrade Caravans have collaborated. In March 2021, with the help of the Manhattan College Campus Ministry and La Salle University School of Nursing, the Spring and Mother’s Day Fundraiser raised enough money to expand the LWH program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and help start the LWH program at Collegio De La Salle in Port au Haiti. Another fundraising opportunity will take place for the holidays, beginning November 5. More information to come! Learn more about the Lasallian Women of Hope projects >