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New Visitors Complete Orientation Meeting in Rome

new visitors

Thirty-four new Visitors from all continents have just completed an Institute-wide orientation meeting at the Generalate in Rome. Participants from the US/Toronto Region include: Baltimore District–Brother Dennis Malloy, Visitor and Brother Kevin Stanton, Auxiliary Visitor; LI-NE District–Brother Vincent Pelletier, Auxilliary Visitor; Midwest District–Brother Larry Schatz, Auxilliary Visitor; NO-SF District–Brother Timothy Coldwell, Visitor and Brother David Sinitiere, Auxilliary Visitor.

The learnings have been both informational and practical: from accompanying Brothers and partners, and conducting community visits to completing Institute forms and understanding budgets; from learning about the new governance structure in the Institute and the new Secretariats and Services, to a presentation of the vow of association; from dealing with crisis to surfing the Institute website; from District and Regional restructuring to sharing personal needs and understanding the many hats a Visitor wears; and from promoting the vocation to the Brothers’ life to promoting the Lasallian family and association.

The international experience and reality is what participants value and enjoy most–realizing we are part of something global and making a positive contribution in the lives of young people throughout the world.