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Online Catalog of Textbooks Published by FSCs

Brother Paul Aubin of the Francophone-Canada Region has been working for several years on a worldwide catalog of the textbooks and manuals published by the Brothers of the Christian Schools. At present, the list contains 20,000 titles, a total that is far from complete.

We invite you to view the current list on at When this home page opens, look in the lower left corner for the box R “Rayonnement,” marked by a fox symbol. Click on the word “Diaspora” (beneath the word Rayonnement). On the next page that opens, “Diaspora des manuels,” click on “English” to open the page entitled “Textbooks” throughout the world. On that same page, click on “Research” in the catalog to open the page entitled “Catalogue.” At the top or bottom of the “Catalogue” page, click on “Research” to open the Laval University main search page, which is in French. To view the current list of book titles published by Brothers and Lasallian colleagues in the USA, enter Etats-Unis under the box CHERCHER LE(S) TERME(S) SUIVANT(S), and select “Pays” from the first drop-down list that appears beneath DANS LE(S) CHAMP(S). At the lower right corner of the page, click on “Lancer la requête” to launch the search and obtain results: a list of Lasallian textbooks (the oldest is from 1843) published in the United States.

The U.S. list consists of 327 textbooks (the oldest is from 1843). This slim collection-the Brothers in the U.S. have published much more than that-was derived from archival research in Montreal, in Rome, and, most recently, at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

To enrich the overall catalog and thus offer a more realistic picture of the production of American confreres in education at all levels, Bro. Paul is requesting assistance in locating FSC collections that exist in the United States. To contact Bro. Paul, kindly e-mail