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RCCB June Meeting Highlights


The Regional Conference of Christian Brothers (RCCB) met June 21-23 in Baltimore, MD, with several decisions and discussions on the agenda.

• Approval of the request of the Regional Council of Lasallian Association for Mission to change its name to Lasallian Education Council for the Lasallian Region of North America. Furthermore, the Regional office will now be called the Office of Lasallian Education. (For the full story, see “Name Changes at Regional Level.”)

• With the dissolution of the NativityMiguel Network of Schools effective June 30, 2012, each District will be responsible for providing support to their respective San Miguel schools. The network was established to provide support and resources related to school standards and performance, professional development, and graduate support. On April 30, 2012, the Board announced it “could not find sustainable sources of funding to provide high-quality centralized services supported by professional staff.”

• The Lwanga District in Africa presented a request for assistance to build a fee-paying elementary school in Nairobi, Kenya. The hope is the income generated from tuition and fees will allow the District to support itself, the formation of young Brothers and their ministries serving the poor. If approved, the school would be the first Brother-owned school in Kenya. The other schools administered by the Brothers in the country are diocesan-owned.

• With the impending closure of Sangre de Cristo Center for Spiritual Renewal in Santa Fe, NM, in August 2012, a community of two or three Brothers would be established in 2012-2013 to provide security and maintenance. They would also look into various marketing options for the property. Bro. John Patzwall (DENA) has been appointed as administrator of the center.

• Dates were set for the next group of novices at the Novitiate in Napa, CA, which will begin on August 12, 2013 and conclude on July 31, 2014. Currently, there are four Postulants who may be eligible for the Novitiate.

• The Visitors will draft a letter to the leadership of the LCWR and Archbishop Sartain who heads the investigation regarding the Vatican assessment and report on the LCWR. The thrust of the letter will be pastoral; leaders speaking to leaders and being brothers to our sisters and brothers in Christ. The letter will request that the Sisters be treated with the dignity they deserve. It will acknowledge the burden both Archbishop Sartain and Sister Patricia Farrell are confronting. Whatever response is forthcoming from the investigation, the Visitors will stress that it should be proportionate to the issue.

The RCCB is comprised of the General Councilor, Visitors and Auxiliary Visitors. Its next meeting will be October 24-27 in Chicago, IL.