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Science Teacher Receives Fulbright Award in Engineering

KaiserStudents interested in engineering at La Salle Academy in Providence, RI, will benefit from a coveted honor bestowed upon their teacher. Science teacher Ann Kaiser, B.S., M.I.A, has been accepted into the 2012-2013 Distinguished Fulbright Awards in Teaching Program in Singapore.

Striving to stimulate the minds of students as is prominent in Lasallian education, Kaiser is currently developing and teaching curriculum for an introductory Engineering course which emphasizes project-based application of design principles and processes. She will use her research in Singapore to help expand opportunities and methodologies for student exposure to engineering. Singapore is an international leader in science and mathematics education, as well being a world-class engineering center.

“I am convinced that exposing students to more design and application driven activities will attract creative and innovative thinkers to engineering,” she explained. “Engineering offers our students an amazing number of ways to have a positive impact on the world on many levels.”

Kaiser, who has been teaching at La Salle since 1999, teaches Advance Placement (AP) Physics B, AP Physics C and Introductory Engineering.