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De Marillac Students Find Strength in Poetry

Beyond WordsDe Marillac Academy in San Francisco, CA, has published its second annual De Marillac Eighth Grade Anthology. Entitled Beyond Words, this collection of poetry showcases the work of students who are discovering their own voices, making themselves visible to the world that frequently overlooks them, and using the power of words to voice their vision, compassion, and strength.

The young authors from the Tenderloin neighborhood come from low-income families and areas with harsh living conditions. Beyond Words is an opportunity for these young men and women to be a part of something powerful, using their voices to move and inspire others to be a part of a transformation that will better the future.

On March 20, 2014, De Marillac held its annual scholarship benefit where it debuted a new video, called Rise, and announced the publication of Beyond Words. Rise uses the poetry and voices of the students and follows the path they travel on their way to school through dangerous conditions and watchful police. Watch the video here >

The benefit raised a net revenue of $589,814, which is directly applied to the school’s Scholarship Fund each year. De Marillac is a tuition-free, private school; more than 95% of the school’s expenses are sponsored by donations.

To purchase a copy of Beyond Words, visit the school’s website at: All money raised from book sales will go toward the Graduate Support Program that supports the eighth graders as they move through high school.