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US and Canada Form a New Region in North America

A new Region known as Région Lasallienne de l’Amérique du Nord (RELAN) or Lasallian Region of North America has emerged in the Institute. This brings together the USA-Toronto Region and the Canada Francophone Region, underscoring the strong Lasallian presence in Canada and the United States for 175 years. This historic unification will be celebrated at De La Salle Residence in Laval, near Montreal, Canada on May 19, 2012, with Brothers and Partners from the US, Toronto and Quebec in attendance, and Brother Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría as the guest of honor.

The new Region consists of five Districts: Canada Francophone, Eastern North America, Midwest, New Orleans-Santa Fe, and San Francisco. Each District is under the leadership of a District Leadership Team headed by a Brother Visitor. Brother Robert Schieler represents the General Council of the Institute in the Region.

The Canada Francophone District has 132 Brothers with an average age of 82. There are 12 communities in the District and four pastoral ministries–Villa des Jeunes, Centre Notre-Dame de la Rouge, Camp De La Salle, and Centre Jean-Baptiste De La Salle. The District also has a multicultural center for educational and social ministry. Despite their age, many of the Brothers continue to be active in ministry work.

We welcome this new phase in the history of the Brothers in North America as we continue to strengthen and invigorate the Lasallian mission throughout the world.

Read the letter from General Councilor Brother Robert Schieler, FSC.