Christian Brothers Conference provides programming and support for Lasallians throughout RELAN, the Lasallian Region of North America/Région Lasallienne de l’Amérique du Nord.

Who We Are

The Christian Brothers Conference is the central office of the Lasallian Region of North America/Région Lasallienne de l’Amérique du Nord (RELAN) and based in Washington, D.C. The Region includes Lasallian ministries in the United States and Canada. A Region is established by the Brothers’ Institute as a mean of coordination and collaboration among Districts in a particular geographical area. The Regional Conference office includes the following divisions:

  • The Office of the General Councilor fosters communication among the Brothers Visitor of the five Districts in the Region and supports them in their mission. The General Councilor has specific responsibility for the Lasallian mission in the United States and Canada including keeping the Region in contact with the Superior General, ensuring the implementation of decisions and programs in the Region, and encouraging cooperation and interdependence within the Region itself and with the other four Regions. The General Councilor in RELAN is one of eight in the worldwide Institute who support the Superior General in the government and animation of the Institute.
  • The Office of Lasallian Education provides the Districts in the Region with programming and support services. The programs include the Huether Lasallian Conference, the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies, the Lasallian Leadership Institute, and the Lasallian Social Justice Institute, along with publishing De La Salle Today and other Lasallian materials, and maintaining an online presence. In addition, the Office of Lasallian Education provides professional support and meeting planning services for the Lasallian Association of Secondary School Chief Administrators (LASSCA) and its annual conference.
  • Lasallian Volunteers is a program that provides dedicated, well-trained volunteers for one or more years of service in schools and agencies. Acting out of faith, rooted in the Gospel, and sharing community with the Brothers and other Lasallians, the Volunteers empower the poor by personalized service primarily through education.

Christian Brothers Services
, located in Romeoville, IL, is a subsidiary of Christian Brothers Conference. It administers cooperative programs in the areas of health/retirement, property/casualty and consulting/technology to church organizations.