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Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Youth is a worldwide movement that empowers youth to be examples of faith, service,  community and social justice.

What is Lasallian Youth?
Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and inspired by the story of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Lasallian Youth is a movement of young people in Lasallian ministries that has been positively impacting the world for over 30 years. Those involved in Lasallian Youth seek a greater understanding of themselves and the world. Representative of the diversity within the Lasallian family, all are invited and welcomed. Lasallian Youth gather regularly for Lasallian formation and reflect on their experiences of faith, service, community and social justice. 

Looking to grow, revitalize or start a Lasallian Youth group at your ministry? The resources in the Lasallian Youth Manual will help you learn how to start/revitalize the Lasallian Youth program at your ministry, explain your role as moderator and give you ideas for creating impactful experiences for the young people entrusted to your care. 

Download the Lasallian Youth Manual

History of Lasallian Youth

A group of students and Brothers in Spain developed a youth movement in the 1960s based on the values of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the principles of faith, service, community and social justice. This movement has since spread throughout the international Lasallian community with Lasallian Youth groups active worldwide, including Spain, France, Malta, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Québec, the Philippines, Australia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya and the United States, to mention a few. A great catalyst in the spread of the Lasallian Youth movement has been gatherings on the District, national, Regional and international levels that have encouraged and inspired participants to become more involved in their local areas.

Graces of Lasallian Youth
  • Ministering with dedicated students
  • Engaging in service-oriented activities
  • Consistent participation
  • Developing student leaders
  • Cultivating students who are passionate about the Lasallian mission
  • Including and welcoming a variety of students

  • Growing a strong, student-led retreat team
  • Having a longtime Lasallian Youth moderator
  • Experiencing administrative support
  • Infusing the school with the spirit of Lasallian zeal
  • Living “together and by association”

Life Beyond Lasallian Youth

As your students begin to look toward high school graduation, they will realize they have several choices they can make when it comes to taking the next step in their vocational journey. If you notice that particular students of yours have a certain faith and zeal for the Lasallian mission, below are opportunities you can encourage them to explore so that their Lasallian experience doesn’t have to end once they cross the graduation stage.

  1. Attend a Lasallian university of college 
  2. Discern the Brothers vocation 
  3. Become a Lasallian Partner 
  4. Continue to Identify as a Lasallian 

Need Help?

For more information or to connect with a Lasallian Youth moderator in your District, contact:

District of Eastern North America
Justin Martineau 

Midwest District
Abby Michels 

District of San Francisco New Orleans 
Kenenna Amuzie