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Support Ministries

The Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) includes four support ministries, which animate the mission in several ways:


Christian Brothers Services (CBS) is a nonprofit organization that administers cooperative programs in the areas of health, retirement, property/casualty, IT and website services, Catholic school management, advancement, and managerial and financial consulting. CBS exemplifies the Lasallian tradition by understanding the needs of its members, protecting the human and financial resources of institutions, and guiding member organizations in finding practical solutions to business needs.


Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) is a socially responsible investment management firm and Registered Investment Advisor. CBIS works exclusively with Catholic institutions and their advisors, serving numerous dioceses, colleges and universities, religious institutes and health care systems. CBIS currently manages more than $7 billion in assets globally and has offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Rome and Madrid.


Lasallian Educational & Research Initiatives is a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization serving the needs of young people, with international reach, since 1943. LERI is an expression of the Lasallian mission of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, establishing works in the service of young people, especially works that are good and beneficial for young people to realize integral human and spiritual development. LERI operates four entities, Saint Mary’s Press, Anselm Academic, Professor’s Choice® and Springtide Research Institute®.


Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation (LCBF) raises funds for scholarships for underserved students to attend schools in the District of San Francisco New Orleans and for the care and support of the Brothers, including vocation recruitment and vocation programs, education and leadership programs for young Brothers, and retirement and health care for senior Brothers. LCBF is located in Napa, California.