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Lasallian Themes

After the 45th General Chapter, the Brother Superior and General Council developed themes through the year 2021 in the spirit of the Chapter. Each yearly theme supports the overall theme of “Living Together Our Joyful Mission.” They offer perspectives to help Lasallians gain insights and develop integrated responses to extend and deepen the relevance of the Lasallian mission. Explore these pages for resources to help you celebrate the themes in your community and ministry.

2014-2015: The Work of God is Ours
2015-2016: A Gospel Adventure
2016-2017: One Call, Many Voices
2017-2018: Lasallians Without Limits
2018-2019: Our Hearts are Burning Within Us
2019-2020: Great Things are Possible
2020-2021: You are Part of the Miracle: Our Vision. Our Passion. Our Future.
2021-2022: To Dream is Our Way Forward
2023-2024: Lasallian DNA

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Pictured above: Superior General, Vicar General and General Council as a result of the 45th General Chapter in 2014.