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Mount La Salle College, Naka, Nigeria

Principal: Brother Godwin Biin, FSC

Established in 1982 as Bishop Kirstein College, the Brothers were invited to take over administration of the school in 1987, which is when they changed the name to Mount La Salle College. Mount La Salle’s school fees equal about 20-50 percent of the tuition charged in some Catholic schools of equal status. Even so, most parents are unable to pay the fees. At least six in 10 students are children of peasant farmers, two in 10 are from petty trading families, and two in 10 are children of civil servants or other wage earners. About 65 percent of students are from families living on less than one dollar per day per individual. About 33 percent live on two dollars or less, while two percent are from families in more comfortable financial situations. The school has used twinning donations to renovate infrastructures and provide scholarships for students who cannot afford the school fees.

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