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Mount La Salle College, Naka, Nigeria

Principal: Brother Benedict Aondofa Njor, FSC

Mount La Salle College in Naka, Nigeria, was established in 1982 by Brothers from Ireland and Canada in response to the need for Catholic education for the growing Catholic population of the town. Mount La Salle educates students in grades seven through 12. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the school is educating 570 children, including 99 resident students (63 boys and 36 girls) and 471 commuting students (268 boys and 203 girls). At least six in 10 students are children of peasant farmers, two in 10 are from petty trading families, and two in 10 are children of civil servants or other wage earners. About 85 percent of students are from families that are financially underprivileged. The biggest challenge students face in getting an education is lack of money to pay school fees. As such, the school depends on financial assistance to support students who cannot pay. Mount La Salle’s per semester tuition for resident students is $146 (60,000 Nigerian naira), and the tuition for communing students is $37 (15,000 Nigerian naira).

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