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2023 Superior General and General Council RELAN Visit

The Superior General and General Council visited the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) in June 2023.

Brother Superior General Armin Luistro, FSC, and the General Council (pictured above) began their visit with a retreat with the Regional Conference of Christian Brothers on June 9 at Mont La Salle in Napa, California. They met with District and Regional leadership June 10-14, followed by a meeting with leaders of Lasallian colleges and universities on June 15. The visit continued by spending time at various ministries from June 17-19. Brothers Armin Luistro and Chris Patiño then concluded the visit with travel to Quebec and the District of Francophone Canada from June 20-25. See highlights on Twitter with #RELANVisit.

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Why did they visit?

The purpose of the visits was to understand how the Districts and Regions operate organizationally, to learn the strengths and challenges related to living the mission, and to consider how the direction set forth by the 46th General Chapter, AIMEL III and the Leavening Project can be applied in each Region and serve as an opportunity for renewal and greater collaboration.

Stemming from the One La Salle vision of the 46th General Chapter, the General Council committed itself to visit all five Regions this year. Prior to RELAN visit, the Superior General and General Council completed their visits to the Pacific Asia Regional Conference (PARC) and the Lasallian Region of Europe and the Mediterranean (RELEM). They plan to make their visits to the Lasallian Region of Latin America (RELAL) in September 2023 and conclude with the Lasallian Region of Africa (RELAF) in November 2023. 

Goals and Objectives

With a special emphasis on the Leavening Project, this visit focused on the invitation for all Lasallians to participate in the renewal of the Institute and greater Lasallian family. The conversations focused on greater partnership between the Institute, Region and Districts, striving towards strengthened collaborative projects. Overall, this meeting aimed to:

  1. Strengthen and live in more fraternal community for the mission within the context of RELAN;
  2. Create new ways of accompaniment with the leadership team in the Region;
  3. Dream together new pathways that will build synergies amongst and within the Region, moving toward a more prophetic global Lasallian mission; and
  4. Begin building a framework for a long-term strategic action plan for RELAN.


Throughout the gathering, the Superior General and General Council were accompanied by a number of Regional and District representatives, all of whom serve in a variety of roles, to facilitate and contribute to these conversations.

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General Council
  • Brother Armin Luistro, FSC, Superior General
  • Brother Carlos Gómez Restrepo, FSC, Vicar General
  • Brothers Martin Digilio, FSC, General Councilor
  • Brother Anatole Diretenadji, FSC, General Councilor
  • Brother Donald Johanson, FSC, Director of Financial Stewardship
  • Brother Ricky Laguda, FSC, General Councilor
  • Brother Sergio Leal, FSC, Executive Secretary
  • Brother Alfonso Novillo, FSC, Secretary General
  • Brother Joël Palud, FSC, General Councilor
  • Brother Chris Patiño, FSC, General Councilor
Representatives from the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN)
  • Tom Southard, Executive Director, Christian Brothers Conference (RELAN office)
  • Elizabeth Jodice, Director of Communications, Christian Brothers Conference (RELAN office)
  • Sarah Laitinen, Director of Education and Formation, Christian Brothers Conference (RELAN office)
  • Alisa Macksey, CIAMEL President
District of Francophone Canada
  • Brother Florent Gaudreault, FSC, Visitor
  • Sébastien Bédard, Financial Controller
  • Éric Boiclair, Bursar
  • Denis de Villers, Communications Specialist/Formator
District of Eastern North America
  • Brother Bob Schaefer, FSC, Visitor
  • Brother Frank Byrne, FSC, Auxiliary Visitor
  • Brother Jules (Bud) Knight, FSC, Assistant Visitor
  • Brother Timothy Froehlich, FSC, Director of Finance
  • Jim Logan, Director of the Office for Mission & Ministry
  • Benjamin Ventresca, Director of Governance
Midwest District
  • Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC, Visitor
  • Brother Armand Alcazar, FSC, Special Projects
  • Brother Francis Carr, FSC, Retired
  • Scott Kier, Superintendent of Lasallian Education
  • Brother Dale J. Mooney, FSC, President of De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, MT
  • Brother Joseph Saurbier, FSC, Director of Administration and Operations
District of San Francisco New Orleans
  • Brother Nick Gonzalez, FSC, Visitor
  • Brother Christopher Brady, FSC, Auxiliary Visitor
  • Brother David Caretti, FSC, Director of Vocation Ministry
  • Michael Daniels, Director of the Office of Education
  • Pamela Gleeson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Maria Ribera, Director of Board Formation