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Institute Announces the Leavening Project

The Leavening Project, a fraternal reflection and invitation by the General Council of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, is now available. This latest project invites Lasallians worldwide to join in a synodal pilgrimage as we “grow together in the Lasallian dream.”

Inspired to act as a result of the 46th General Chapter, the III AIMEL and the Global Compact on Education, the Leavening Project invites all Lasallians into a journey of exploration, conversations and engagement. Through the metaphor of leaven, this project provides an initial starting point to realizing the shared dream of the 46th General Chapter— “a Lasallian Family, with diverse vocations; leaven for a more fraternal world, sent to meet God in the poor and to promote justice.” The project calls for us to discern the question, “Where is my brother?” (Genesis 4:9) and respond with radical inclusivity by “mak[ing] the peripheries our place.” The Institute invites all Lasallians to personally act by going to the peripheries and connecting with one another intentionally.

“We would like the Leavening Project to help us to walk in a synodal way; to move forward together, to include and not exclude, to go out together to meet the discarded, and to go out together with Jesus.”

(The Leavening Project, p. 11)

The Leavening Project also introduces a formative and accompaniment journey called the Parmenia Space, providing appropriate training to animators. The first participants of the Parmenia Space will be Brothers and Partners who act as animators of communities and directors of ministries.

The document ends with a series of reflection questions for various contextualized groups, encouraging an engaged dialogue within organizations.

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