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Bethlehem University Embarks on Primary and Secondary Schools Program


Bethlehem University is working on a program to enhance education in primary and secondary schools in Palestine from 2010-2014.

The program will engage more than 50 schools, teachers, students, and parents. It expands on a 2007-2010 program that reached 15 schools. The program will provide schools with equipment and training for students and teachers to effectively use technology and media to enhance education. A special focus will be placed on strengthening collaborative networks and learning and teaching skills. Workshops on pedagogy and teaching methodologies will also be given. Goals include promoting education for gender equity, human rights, democracy, cultural identity and diversity, as well as environmental protectionism.

Bethlehem recently received $4.6M grant to cover project expenses from the Spanish group Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura (FPSC). Part of this project is a new education building which will cost $3.77M. The University is using $1.3M from the FPSC grant for construction. It also received several other grants for the building which, along with the FPSC grant, cover nearly $3M. The University still needs to raise $818,000 for construction.

The new education building will house the project, provide additional classrooms and faculty offices with the latest educational technology, and include an educational resource center. Bethlehem inaugurated the project and blessed the construction of the new building November 30. It is expected to be finished by January 2012.