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Brother Álvaro Speaks About New Poverties and the Lasallian Mission

Br AlvaroIn an interview with Radio Vatican on Founder’s Day (May 15), Superior General Brother Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría explained the new poverties to which Lasallian schools are responding today. “Beyond material poverty which is both old and new, the education action of the Lasallians is turned towards poverty as solitude and abandonment which, today, constitutes a real wound in our society: towards the poverty of the excluded, who live on the edges of rich and opulent cities, that is the ‘failures,’ the AIDS victims, the drug abusers and also towards the poverty of the migrants from outside the EU, many of whom live in hiding, victims of the culture of identity which refuses to accept what is different; towards the poverty which is without God, of those who have deliberately removed God from their lives. Another poverty is the lack of meaning in the lives of many young people. We need to help them to find the profound meaning of their lives. Yet another poverty is the condition of those with physical or mental problems.”

Bro. Álvaro also talked about what it means to be a Brother today and the collaboration between the Brothers and lay partners. More…