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Christian Brothers Spiritual Center to Close in July

After six years of service in greater Philadelphia, the Christian Brothers Spiritual Center (CBSC) will close in July. The Center offers spiritual, educational, social, and service programs for women and men in their 20’s and 30’s.

The Baltimore District established CBSC in response to the call of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to actively invite young adults into the Church in the mid-1990s. The low utilization of the Center resulted in the District’s decision to cease operations and focus resources on programs that directly serve the poor.

As the Center prepares to close, those it has served are looking back on their time with Director Brother Bud Knight, Associate Director Brother Leo Smith, and Lasallian Volunteers on staff. “The community has helped me to discern vocation in my lay life,” said Stephen Szolosi. “That gift is one for which I am very grateful. If the center has been a gift to me, I know that it has been the same to many others.”

Program participants, benefactors and local Brothers will participate in the CBSC closing celebration on Friday, June 18 to honor its six years of faith, service, and community.