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Classes to Resume Jan. 9 at LSA Philippines after Typhoon

Less than a month after the devastating Typhoon Washi hit the Philippines, La Salle Academy in Iligan, Lanao del Norte is preparing to reopen January 9. The school is currently cleaning up the one to two feet of mud that flooded the building along with helping others affected.

The flooding began around midnight on December 16, about an hour and a half after the LSA Christmas party ended. Before the water reached the school, LSA President Brother Raffy Reyes and a security guard moved items like computers and important documents from the first floor to higher levels. By 8:00 a.m. the water had subsided and Bro. Raffy went with another Brother to inspect the damage. “We went to the subdivision where our Principal, Leila Simbajon, lived. Her house was completely demolished,” he said.

Principal Leila Simbajon’s house

Simbajon’s brother died in the flooding, along with relatives of other Lasallians. Some of the funerals were held at LSA because funeral homes were full. No faculty, staff or students lost their lives, but 44 were affected by the flood with ten of their homes destroyed.

Relief efforts began at LSA the day after the flood with various Lasallian schools immediately donating goods and money. “Lasallian Family is really awesome,” said Bro. Raffy. “The ONE LA SALLE SPIRIT is truly alive.”

LSA students, parents and alumni are helping sort, pack and distribute goods and medicine that are brought to the school. Volunteers take the items to hard-hit area using trucks and vans of alumni. Alumni who are doctors and nurses accompany them to help those who need medical attention.

If you would like to donate, please send a check made payable to La Salle Academy directly to the school’s bank account using the following information:
Bank Name: Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
Bank Account Number: 0820-016221-030
Send a digital copy of the deposit slip to Brother Raffy Reyes, FSC, President of LSA, at