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De La Salle Regional Archivists Association Conference

Front row: Brother Hilaire Raharilalao, FSC (archivist, Institute); Brother Emmet Sinitiere, FSC (archivist, legacy New Orleans-Santa Fe District); Amy Surak (archivist, Manhattan College, legacy New York and Long Island-New England Districts, Midwest District, Christian Brothers Conference, and co-archivist, DENA); and Jennifer Sturm (archivist, District of San Francisco New Orleans). Back row: Brother Robert Wilsbach, FSC (assistant archivist, DENA); Alex Palma (digital assistant, DENA); Brother Joe Grabenstein, FSC (archivist, legacy Baltimore District, co-archivist, DENA); and Brother Diego Munoz, FSC (Secretary of Lasallian Research and Resources, Institute). Photo by Dan Nguyen, La Salle University

The annual conference of the De La Salle Regional Archivists Association (DLSRAA) met at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 23-25. The conference was hosted by Brother Joe Grabenstein, FSC, archivist, Legacy Baltimore District and co-archivist, District of Eastern North America (DENA).

In attendance were representatives from three of the four Districts and two Brothers from the Institute in Rome.

In 1990, when computers were an innovative and novel feature, each District sent its archivist to Memphis for the first-ever conference of the new DLSRAA. These men, and, in time, joined by women, have been meeting almost yearly ever since.

The outcome of this meeting resulted in three unanimous agreements: “(1) we will all collaborate to digitize our respective archives, (2) we desire and endorse the creation of a worldwide Lasallian database of our separate repositories, and (3) we stand united with Bro. Diego and Bro. Hilaire—and with Brother Superior General and with the General Council—for digital interconnectivity to preserve and to share our unique Lasallian patrimony for the benefit of researchers and future generations.”

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