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De La Salle Today: Lasallians Without Limits

The latest issue of De La Salle Today focuses on Lasallian Reflection 3, the reflection for the 2017-2018 liturgical year Lasallian theme, “Lasallians Without Limits.” 

The reflection starts by looking at a change in demographics, including the fact that a growing number of people no longer identify with any religion. Read how Saint Mary’s Press reaches beyond the numbers and into the stories of young people who have disaffiliated from the Catholic Church. Lasallian Reflection 3 also focuses on sustainable communities and encourages us to think beyond the borders of our surroundings and protect the Earth. You’ll see how Christian Brothers University is going beyond the borders of campus to partner with outside agencies and address surface water problems in its community. Additionally, the reflection reminds us that going to new borders requires determination and discernment. The District of Francophone Canada takes us through the discernment process it underwent to open the Saint-Michel Lasallian Center in Montréal, Québec. 

To end our look at Lasallian Reflection 3, General Councilor Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC, invites us to discern as he reflects on the “Lasallians Without Limits” theme. Our final story gives you a look at plans for the Year of Lasallian Vocations, which will commence in December 2018.

Enjoy this interactive version or download the PDF.