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Director of Sustainability Appointed in SFNO

Courtesy SFNO

The District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) has announced the appointment of Enrico “Rico” Hernandez as the director of sustainability effective August 12, 2018.

Hernandez currently serves as a chief financial consultant for several schools and non-profits, including Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools in Petaluma, California, as well as chief financial officer for the Sister Servants of the Blessed Sacrament in Bonita, California.

Newly conceived as a position within both the District’s Office of Education and Finance Office, the director of sustainability is responsible for providing ongoing support and accompaniment to school leadership (trustees and administrators) and school finance directors. In addition to leading the District’s continued implementation of the Sustainability, Accessibility and Inclusion initiatives from the 2016 Mission Assembly, the director serves on the District’s leadership team and the Lasallian Education Corporation.

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