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District of San Francisco Focuses on Accessibility

The District of San Francisco hosted its Third Assembly on Mission from August 1-4 at Saint Mary’s College of California. The Assemblies are in response to the 43rd General Chapter directive in June 2000 that encouraged Districts to create or improve a structure responsible for the Lasallian Educational Mission.

Eighty-two delegates participated including representatives from the District Council, District Leadership Team, District Mission Council, along with leadership from schools, Saint Mary’s College, and other District educational institutions. Six observers also participated from the District of Eastern North America and the New Orleans Santa Fe District.

The theme of the Assembly focused on making education accessible to students from families with income at or near the poverty level. Participants learned more through presentations, including hearing from students and experts. They then identified the following lines of action for the District over the next four years related to accessibility:

• Implement partnerships to secure new sources of funding and develop District financial short term and long term forecasts
• Gather data that identifies the factors contributing to the effectiveness of Lasallian education to enhance retention
• Gather data for the purpose of ensuring sustainability, addressing impacts on changing demographics, and promoting revenue
• Develop or enhance a local cultural competency program to improve the awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity to student needs
• Pursue an ongoing assessment of accessibility within our educational apostolates
• Implement means to remove identified cultural barriers
• Share curricula designs that respond to diverse student needs, promote inclusive community, and help close achievement gaps
• Share recruitment and admission best practices and develop guidelines to advance student success and to assure students will thrive
• Describe and articulate a common, quality Lasallian curriculum that will help us measure success
• Share the work of the Mission Assembly with Brothers and Lasallian Partners

The lines of action and accompanying rationale will be submitted to the 13th District Chapter, which will begin its series of meetings in the fall. A new District Action Plan will be created for 2011-2015.