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First LV Awards Ceremony Honors Recipients for Their Contributions

The Lasallian Volunteers Program honored four individuals on July 29 in its first awards ceremony, which it hosted jointly with the District of Eastern North America. The event at the La Salle Provincialate in Lincroft, NJ also welcomed Lasallian Volunteers for 2010-2011.

award winners
Bro. Ed Gallagher, Tom and Joanne Darnowski, Heather Ruple

The three awards were named after Brothers who made significant contributions to the program:

      • The Farrell Community Award, named in honor of Bro. Michael Farrell, FSC (1940-2009), recognizes a Christian Brother or Lasallian Partner in Community who has lived with Lasallian Volunteers. Recipient: Bro. Ed Gallagher who advised and mentored Lasallian Volunteers for many years.
     • The Johnston Faith Award honors Bro. John Johnston, FSC (1933-2007), and recognizes a supporter of the Lasallian Volunteers through their time, talent or treasure. Recipient: Tom and Joanne Darnowski who have both been involved in the LV program for many years.
     •The Bassen Service Award, named in honor of Bro. Christopher Bassen, FSC (1942-2006), is given to an alumnus of the Lasallian Volunteers who has continued a life of service. Recipient: Heather Ruple who served as a Lasallian Volunteer at the San Miguel School in Providence from 2001-2003, where she remained after her service and continues to be involved in the LV Program.