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Global Compact on Education

Intercom 153 highlights the Global Compact on Education and encourages Lasallians to get involved in the effort.

The Global Compact on Education is an initiative of Pope Francis calling all of the Church’s teaching orders and educators to renew their commitment to more open and inclusive education of young people. Inspired by the Pope’s message, the Brothers of the Christian Schools considered the future of education and produced an action plan for 2022-2023 with the aim of promoting the implementation of this vision in Lasallian ministries.

The latest Intercom, a magazine for the Lasallian family published by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, explains the Global Compact on Education with the purpose of working for a more human, fraternal, solidarity-based and sustainable world, involving the entire educational community in drawing up joint projects, with schools and institutions wishing to promote the initiative. Supplementary material that shows some Lasallian responses to the Global Compact on Education is also available with Intercom.

Lasallians from around the world were involved in creating the action plan, which starts on page 30 of Intercom 153, including Bob Carrejo, communications director for the District of San Francisco New Orleans, and Mark Freund, executive director of the Office for Lasallian Education at Christian Brothers Conference.

Read Intercom 153 and access the supplementary materials >