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International Award Affirms Bethlehem University Initiatives in Interreligious Dialogue and Peace Building

awardBethlehem University in Palestine was honored for its academic excellence by the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU). The prestigious Sciat vt Serviat Award highlights “the remarkable commitment of Bethlehem University in building a sustainable society in the Holy Land” declared Prof. Anthony J. Cernera, IFCU President.

with awardThe award recognizes creative initiatives that represent a significant and inspiring contribution to Catholic university culture, emphasizing the social commitment of Bethlehem University’s faculty members and students in favor of interreligious dialogue and peace building. Dr. Yousef Zaknoun, Director of The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute at Bethlehem University, accepted the award on July 26 at the IFCU’s General Assembly in São Paulo, Brazil.

“It is an honour for the Bethlehem University academic community to be selected from among the 200 Catholic university members of IFCU to receive the Sciat vt Serviat Award,” said Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University. “I am proud of the faculty and staff of Bethlehem University whose dedication provides a quality education and whose graduates contribute significantly to building the Palestinian state.”

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