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International Council on Communication Outlines Plan of Action

The Institute’s reconstituted International Council on Communication (ICC) recently concluded their first meeting in Rome from December 3-6. Discussions focused on the need to establish a culture of communication in the Institute through the implementation of the Communication Service’s lines of action as specified in Circular 456. Activities to be undertaken were identified, addressing the areas of institutional identity, organizational structure, editorial and professional development.

During a brief session with the General Council, Superior General Brother Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría, FSC, reminded the group that communication in the Institute must reflect the diversity of ways to be Lasallian. That while we are unified in the mission, there is a variety of local expressions. He spoke about the need to focus on the goal of the Lasallian mission as an instrument of salvation for the youth, especially the poor, rather than institutional prestige.

The next meeting of the ICC in Rome will be October 27-30, 2009. In the interim, web conferences will be held to keep council members updated on the progress of implementing the lines of action in their respective Regions and particular projects being undertaken by the Communication Service.



The new members of the Council include (l-r) Mr. Eli Austa (RELEM), Brother Marius Boya (RELAF), Brother Jorge Gallardo (General Councilor), Mr. Michael Rapatan (PARC), Ms. Celine Quinio (USA-Toronto), Brother José A. Warletta (Coordinating Secretary for Communication Service), and Brother Alexander Gonzales (RELAL).