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Johnston Institute Holds Spring Sessions

The Midwest gathering

Participants of the second cohort of the Brother John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice gathered for three days by District over the course of three weekends in March.

This was a District-centric session, in that each District provided the faculty to engage the participants on the topics of best practices in evangelization and catechesis and had two sessions focusing on the structure, processes and governance as they pertain to the relationship between each District, the Region and finally the Institute.

Participants of the DENA gathering. Courtesy Maryann Donohue-Lynch

Carol Soltys, academic dean at The San Miguel School of Providence in Rhode Island, attended the District of Eastern North America (DENA) session, which occurred March 15-17, in Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania.

“Alan’s [Weyland, executive director for Mission and Ministry for DENA] presentation regarding the ‘Lasallian structure’ was interesting and informative. I didn’t realize there were so many positions involved in the organization and the many individuals that man them,” said Soltys. Maryann’s (Donohue-Lynch, associate executive director for Mission and Ministry for DENA) piece on evangelization was excellent. Maryann has a way of expressing herself in a joyous and prayerful way – she is a true teacher!”

Lisa Moran, world language department chair and Spanish teacher at La Salle Catholic College Preparatory in Milwaukie, Oregon, was among the District of San Francisco New Orleans group, which met in Loranger, Louisiana, March 8-10.

The District of San Francisco New Orleans gathering

“I feel an immediate sense of comfort among the members in our cohort,” said Moran. “We come together for a shared purpose, to better understand the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle so that together and by association we can live the mission for our students. During our time together, I was reminded of the importance of providing time and a safe place for young people to be, to express themselves, to be heard, and to feel valued.”

The Midwest District gathering was held in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, March 22-24.

The District groups will gather as a Regional group at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, July 9-13, 2018.