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Lasallian Brand Initiative Completes Phase One, Looks Ahead

Phase One of the Lasallian Education Brand Initiative for the United States and Toronto Region is now complete. The final engagement sessions were held the week of May 10th.

mullen brand
Parents, faculty and alumni participate in the final session
at Mullen High School in Denver, CO.

Over the past four months, BrandED Consultants Group facilitated interviews, focus groups and ideation sessions in nine cities throughout the Region. BrandED met with 550 people representing 27 schools including Brothers, presidents, principals, trustees, regents, boards of directors, alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and others. In addition to the sessions, 679 people took an online survey to share their opinions on the Lasallian Education Brand.

BrandED will now review all the information they have gathered. In the next few weeks, they will prepare a full report on their findings and recommendations to LASSCA and the Regional leadership, which will then be shared with all stakeholders.

The purpose of creating a Lasallian Education Brand is to develop a common identity for Lasallian ministries in the Region.The brand platform and visual identity, which will be developed during Phase Two of the project, will be based on the Lasallian mission, as well as the findings from Phase One. BrandED will again invite opinions through online voting and visits to schools during the brand platform testing phase. They will also develop, test and adopt a visual identity and brand standards guide for Lasallian education with the help of stakeholders.

Over the summer, BrandED will discuss the logistics of Phase Two and share recommendations for how to help schools implement the brand strategy and help stakeholders understand its relevance. Phase Two will begin at the start of school next fall and completed in early 2011.

You can follow the progress of the Branding Project and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check this website for updates.