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Lasallian Schools in Louisiana Connect

Students from four Lasallian schools in Louisiana got together on October 28 at Christian Brothers School in New Orleans to celebrate their common Lasallian heritage and share their Lasallian experiences.

The participating schools include Archbishop Rummel High School in Metairie, Christian Brothers School in New Orleans, De La Salle High School in New Orleans, and Saint Paul’s School in Covington. To encourage close interaction, only 10 students from each school attend this annual Lasallian Day event which gives students an opportunity to interact and learn about the greater Lasallian world.

“I feel more connected to Lasallians because I have received a greater perception of the goal of the Christian Brothers,” said Rummel junior Brandt Becnel. “I feel like it is my duty, united with all other Lasallians, to continue the spread of education throughout the world.”

CBS President/Principal Joey Scaffidi addresses the students.

During the program, the students reflect on the Founder, the common characteristics of Lasallian schools, and the call to be Lasallians in our world today. It helps students realize how extensive the Lasallian network is and how they fit into it. “When you open your prayer with ‘Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God,’ you think that you are the only people that pray like that,” said Christian Brothers School seventh grader Mark Piglia. “But at Lasallian Day I could really see that whether I, in New Orleans, or a boy in Africa prayed, we still shared the same unity in the way we prayed.”

De La Salle senior David Whelen has attended the event for three years and learns something new each time. The day starts with students grouped by school, but changes as the event goes on. “By the end of the day there is no separation by school,” said David. “The lines of separation are blurred and we come together as Lasallians because that is what connects us-our Lasallian tradition.”

That connection is one reason CBS President/Principal Joey Scaffidi called Lasallian Day a success. “It was very special to watch ‘strangers’ come to know one another throughout the course of the day-and to understand their common Lasallian heritage-such that, at the end of the day, they were exchanging hugs,” he said.

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