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Lasallian Women of Hope Announces New Project

Lasallian Women of Hope (LWH) has recently started a new project site in India, an expansion of the Pad Project and incorporation of other well-being health programs.

The project in Dindigul, India, aims to provide menstrual health education and primary health care to children in the orphanage, along with the neighboring rural poor and marginalized Dalit families living around Pudhu Vasantham Girls Village.

The inaugural Health Awareness Camp was held on November 28, 2021, at Puthu Vasantham Girls Village with guest speakers psychiatrist Dr. Sam, nurse Rev. Sr. Gnapoo and naturopathy specialist Dr. Sharmila. The Health Awareness Camp served 205 people, including 105 village girls, 70 boys and the parents of the children, along with girls and women from the neighboring area. The camp included menstrual education and the Lasallian Women of Hope Pad Project, naturopathy treatment for healthy living, a general medical check-up with medication, and mental health counseling. The Health Awareness Camp concluded with a festival lunch for the children.

A second camp was held in February 2022 with similar activities, and there are plans for additional camps in the future if funding is available. The dream is to raise funds to provide for a more permanent health clinic, which would cost $6,500 USD.

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