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Lasallians Safe in Japan

Brother Jose del Coss, President of the Delegation of Japan, has provided the Institute with another update on the condition of Lasallians and their ministries after the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami Friday, March 11.

Bro. Jose explained in an e-mail Monday that the Brothers and children at La Salle Home, a welfare facility in the coastal city of Sendai, closest to the epicenter and approximately 180 miles north of Tokyo, are safe. While children at La Salle Home do not have water or gas, they do have electricity. Sadly, the tsunami destroyed houses of some teachers, who are now staying at La Salle Home.

Emergency food rations are almost gone, however La Salle Home will receive preference from the government since it is a welfare institution. The Brothers are rationing food they had in storage and eating two frugal meals a day.

Overall, La Salle Home is in better condition than its surroundings. The buildings are new and constructed with the new earthquake standards.

Lasallians in Hakodate and Kagoshima, where the Delegation is headquartered, are farther from the earthquake’s epicenter.

Please keep the Lasallians in Japan and all others affected in your prayers.

Houses in Sendai
Courtesy Kyodo Press/AP