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LLI Cohort V Launches Final Year

LLI East
LLI East

Members of the Lasallian Leadership Institute (LLI) Cohort V have completed the first of three sessions for this final year of the program. Fall and spring sessions will complete the third year of the three-year program, which meets three times a year. Cohort V has 115 members. The District of Eastern North America group includes 61 participants. The Midwest group has 54 participants, including 38 from the Midwest District, 12 from the New Orleans-Santa Fe District, and four people from Marist High School in Eugene, OR.

LLI helps participants develop skills to deepen the Mission and association in their ministries. The third year examines Lasallian leadership in the educational community.

Jeffrey Myer, Dean of Students at Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis, MO explains what LLI is doing for him. “I have a great understanding of what it means to be Lasallian and how important the work we do at CBC is to so many people,” said Myer. “I feel connected to De La Salle and realize that I was called to be here and do the work.”

On her final year at LLI, Martha Mrygold, a Social Work Aide at La Salle School in Albany, NY, says, “My hope is to have a more clear vision of my purpose within the ‘community’ and to be able to teach others about what it means to be Lasallian.”

Both Mrygold and Myer say LLI has changed their views on contributing to Lasallian education. “I understand what Lasallian means and I practice the virtues every day,” said Myer. “I feel like I am a big part of our students lives and that I am having a positive impact, however small or large, in their lives. No paycheck can compensate me as much as that feeling of satisfaction does.”

LLI Cohort VI will begin in July 2012 in the Midwest and East, along with a return to the San Francisco District. Registration information will be released as the next LLI gets closer.